Nine Gifts for the Law Nerd in Your Life

(1) This disappearing civil liberties mug:

When you pour hot liquid into it, the Bill of Rights disappears. What is the symbolic significance of the hot liquid? Does it represent poverty or corruption or, I don’t know, opulence or something? I’ve put two or three solid minutes of thought into this important question and am still undecided. Continue reading

Can Smoking Legal Weed Get You Fired?

Medical Marijuana via Mark on Flickr

Medical Marijuana

Pot is now legal in a bunch of states. Twenty-three, in fact, have legalized some form of medical marijuana, with four other states (and maybe DC) also permitting recreational use. But don’t get too excited just yet, because while these new laws may prevent you from getting arrested for marijuana use, they won’t necessarily prevent you from getting fired — even if you’re only using it in your off time.

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