DEA Uses NSA Intercepts to Nab People, Directs Officers/DAs to Launder the Information

Credit Reuters/John Shiffman

You may recall an article I wrote a while back arguing that the NSA’s data collection programs, including PRISM, might well end up being used to prosecute “US persons” for domestic crimes, rather than simply nabbing terrorists (as the government claims is PRISM’s only purpose).

It turns out that this is essentially already happening. Reuters has a story out today about how the DEA’s “Special Operations Division” (SOD) collects data from a vast array of foreign and domestic intelligence agencies, including the NSA, and uses it to target people for law enforcement action. While the NSA intercepts and other warrantlessly collected information isn’t being used as evidence in court — yet — the government has found another brilliant way to handle the problem: “parallel construction.” Continue reading